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Last week while I was mindlessly going through my friends Whatsapp statuses when I came…

In the first half of 2019, Blockchain-based token issuers amassed an unbelievable $3.39 billion through the issuance and sale of crypto tokens, according to InWara’s Blockchain and crypto report, H1 2019. The most common amongst the token issuing mechanisms? …

By Gregory S Mathew on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Token offerings burst into the spotlight in 2017, when Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) gained immense popularity among aspiring technology entrepreneurs. ICOs were a great alternative to traditional fundraising methods, not just for token issuers but also for investors as well.

On the investors’ end — ICOs enabled them to back…

With Bitcoin witnessing a wonderful start to this year with its spot trading price growing more than 250%, how are Blockchain and crypto startups performing?

Not to bad, considering that they’ve raised as much as $ 5.6 billion in funding. Interestingly, only $2.26 billion was raised through traditional venture capital…

IEOs, the latest investment vehicle in the Blockchain-based fundraising ecosystem, is the hottest thing is crypto right now — for better or for worse, having raised the highest amount of funds this year.

During H1 2019, IEO projects raised a whopping $1.63 billion much higher than other tokenized fundraising models…

Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

Blockchain technology has evolved drastically 10 years since its inception, We’d be surprised if it didn’t, so much so that the almost every other major country and government is investing in it.

Starting with Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer payment system, that has grown to become a good store-of-value with some analysts…

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Initially, it was just ICOs, then came STOs (the supposed ICO killers) and now there’s IEOs. It seems like there is no shortage of vaguely similar acronyms in the Blockchain and crypto space. But despite the similarity, each acronym represents a different fundraising model, unique with its own characteristics.


Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

All data is taken from InWara’s monthly report: May 2019

The token offerings viz. ICOs, STOs, and the newer IEOs have collectively managed to raise a whopping $1.55 billion, during May 2019, through the sale of crypto tokens, according to InWara’s monthly report.

By Gregory S Mathew on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

IEO or Initial Exchange Offerings, the centralized cousin of the ICO model is taking the crypto space by storm right now. With as many as 100 IEO projects being launched so far, the IEO trend really picked up pace in 2019 while ICO has fallen.

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